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October 6, 2016 Zoe Wild Zen and the Art of Giving
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Most people watch images of suffering from around the world and do nothing but feel sad and/or grateful that it’s not happening to themselves. Others roll up their sleeves and do something about it.

Zoe Wild is definitely one of the latter.

After seeing the Syrian refugee situation explode into a full-blown humanitarian crisis, Zoe booked a flight for Europe and headed straight for the camps to do her part.

Posting stories and images on Facebook led to donations, which led to her starting One Light Global, an NGO to raise funds for refugees.

Her efforts led to her recently receiving a humanitarian award from President Obama’s office.

Zoe’s led an eclectic life, which includes a two-year stint studying meditation at a monastery in Burma, and as a grief counselor for bereaved children and sufferers of PTSD.

A Boston native who now makes her home in Sedona, AZ, Zoe is a Traveler both inward and outward.

An inspiring episode. Thanks, Zoe!

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