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March 30, 2015 Tom Rhodes Worldwide Comic
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Few comedians have parlayed their art into more travel around the world than Tom Rhodes.

Since this show began in 2011, Tom Rhodes has been on the list of desired guests. As someone who is constantly on the road, he’s only in Los Angeles sporadically, but I was lucky enough to pin him down on a recent pit stop at his Air BnB in Venice.

Tom tells Travel Tales of his days as a late night TV host in Amsterdam, and performing on stages as far and wide as Asia, the Middle East, and throughout Europe.

He also doles out some valuable travel tips for Americans, key among them: avoid white tennis shoes, and forget the myth of the $100 tailored Hong Kong suit!

Sit back and enjoy a chat with one of the most well-traveled entertainers around.

Thanks Tom!

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To see Tom Rhodes'  comedy, travel videos, travel writing and everything else, check out:

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