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December 20, 2012 The Blonde Abroad Kiersten Rich
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The popular travel blogger shares her Tales, both fun and scary, of her chosen life on the road.

Kiersten Rich got her business degree and took a job in the big city of Los Angeles. All was going to plan, but like so many of us, she heard the call of the open road. The San Diego native decided to quit her job, travel the world, and start her own travel blog — The Blonde Abroad.

Kiersten often combines her adventures with charity, and in a short time she’s seen a lot: South America, the Middle East, and much of Europe, to name a few. She shares tales of running with the bulls in Pamplona, floating in the Dead Sea, and a truly horrifying hostel story. Kiersten has her sights on hosting her own TV travel show. I’m thinking she needs a male co-host. Anybody come to mind?

To see her photos, videos, and where she’s headed next, click on her website link below.

Thanks, Kiersten! Be careful out there!

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