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July 18, 2013 Russ McGarry Road Runner
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Writer/podcaster/distance runner Russ McGarry shares Tales of Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and his new life in Portland.

Russ McGarry first left the country at age 5, leaving the confines of his suburban Chicago home to join the Italian half of his family in the Motherland. Though that journey was brief, he later found the road to be a full-time lifestyle.

After first performing stand-up comedy as a teenager, Russ soon found himself as a young adult doing the midwest club circuit full-time. A brief stint in Nashville (where he discovered a miracle pastry- listen to hear the details!), Russ was soon off to Los Angeles, where he gave up comedy for steady TV writing/producing gigs.

Trips to Ireland and Scotland ensued, where he and his then-wife Dara (Travel Tales episode 56) found themselves in an unfortunate drinking contest with a man called Mad Mick – never a good idea.

Searching for (literally) greener pastures, Russ and his new wife Ann started fresh in the eclectic city of Portland, Oregon- a place where, according to the TV show Portlandia, “young people go to retire.”

Nevertheless, Russ remained working and landed a new writing job back here in LA, ensuring the mother of all commutes back-and-forth to Portland. Luckily for Travel Tales, Russ had some time in Hollywood to chat and clue us in to the quirks of the Rose City, of which there are plenty.

Thanks, Russ, and watch out for those wayward unicycles.


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