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January 6, 2015 Rosie Tran From Saigon to The Big Easy
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Most people wouldn’t connect Vietnamese and New Orleans cultures. Comedian Rosie Tran knows better.

An American-born child of Vietnamese immigrants, Rosie’s parents met in the thriving Vietnamese community in the Crescent City. It may seem like an odd mix of cultures at first, but consider the similarities: humid weather, a strong French influence, and a prominent fishing industry among others, and the match begins to make sense.

Rosie began her comedy career in New Orleans before moving to LA, and her family and upbringing provided a wealth of material. We talk about her family’s fascinating backstory, and she gives insider tips on the best places to go in New Orleans off the beaten tourist path.

So grab a banh mi and a beignet, wash it down with a cold Hurricane, and enjoy!

To see and hear Rosie’s comedy and podcast, click the links to the right.

Thanks Rosie!

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