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May 11, 2014 Phyllis Katz On a Hip Trip
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Dismayed by her health care options at home, an American woman heads to India for medical treatment.

Phyllis Katz has seen a lot in her life.

As a young woman taking improv classes in Chicago, she rubbed shoulders with future legends like John Belushi and Bill Murray. She continued her work in comedy when she made the move to LA in the 70’s, training and teaching at the legendary Groundlings Theater where she continues to teach to this day.

With all that training in improvisation, one would think Phyllis could handle any situation thrown her way. But when she needed hip replacement surgery and saw what her medical bills would be even with insurance, she found it hard to find humor in the sitiation.

After seeing a news story on TV about medical tourism, Phyllis did her homework and boarded a plane to India for treatment.

Ever the creative spirit, her experiences in India led her to write a book about her ordeal, and the title is perfect – Hipwrecked.

Listen as Phyllis shares her Travel Tales from India, Ireland, Italy, and any other country beginning with the letter “I.” We also managed to get some fun celebrity stories from her as a bonus!

Thanks, Phyllis! Enjoy the new hip!

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