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July 8, 2014 Paul Bradbury Living on Island Time
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A well-traveled Englishman settles down on the Croatian island of Hvar.

By the time he was 30, Paul Bradbury had been to over 90 countries.

He knew early on that spending his lfe in the confines of his native Manchester, England, was not in the cards, so he stuck out his thumb and attempted to hitchhike to South Africa. Not surprisingly, little help came in the way of passing English motorists.

Nevertheless, he did finally reach South Africa, as well as numerous other corners of the world, including Somalia, the former Soviet Union, and war-torn Eastern Europe.

He’s been a relief-aid worker, wine merchant, real-estate salesman, and Germany’s first male chambermaid, among a miriad of other professions.

But for the last 14-plus years, he’s settled down into the slow pace of Hvar, Croatia, started a family, and became the resort island’s premier English-speaking ambassador, starting the website and writing travel books as well.

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul on my recent tour of Croatia with, and we recorded his episode live on the Dalmatian Coast.

Thanks, Paul! Can’t wait to visit Hvar soon and share a cold Karlovacko with you!

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