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November 6, 2011 Murray Valeriano Wave Catcher
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A Jersey boy moves to California and kicks off a lifelong search for the perfect wave.

Comedian and writer Murray Valeriano was more of a skiier growing up in suburban New Jersey, but dreams of stardom and warm weather pushed him to Los Angeles right after college. It was there he discovered his new passion – surfing.

Like many who take to the waves, Murray was instantly hooked.

His search for the perfect curl has taken him up and down the California coast, to Costa Rica, Hawaii and beyond. When he’s not telling jokes or writing for TV, you can usually find Murray in his wetsuit in the water.

He’s been threatened by territorial locals in Hawaii and lost in the jungles of Costa Rica.

He wants desperately to go to Peru – not to see Macchu Pichu, but because this goofy-footer heard it had the longest left breaks in the world. Clearly, Murray has a one-track mind.

Murray loves talking travel, and even has his own podcast, Road Stories, where comics (including yours truly) discuss life on the road as a comedian. You can find it in the links below.

Thanks for dropping in, Murray- now towel off!

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