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October 20, 2016 Mike Schmidt 40-Year-Old Boy Goes To Kuwait
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One of the great benefits of podcasting is the intimate connection a host can build with his or her fanbase.

Sometimes a podcaster’s fans love him so much they fly him halfway around the world.

That’s just what happened to my longtime friend Mike Schmidt, host of the popular 40-Year-Old Boy podcast.

A fan in Kuwait paid Mike to fly to the Middle East and simply hang out for over a week.

This being his first trip out of North America, Mike jumped at the experience. After 20-plus hours of travel, he found himself meeting friends he never knew he had in the searing August Kuwaiti heat.

Mike shares Tales of eating camel, shopping for swords at a bazaar, getting slapped at an airport baggage carousel, and much more.

Enjoy some Tales of a stranger in a strange land, who learns it’s all not so strange after all.

Thanks, Mike

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