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April 2, 2014 Mike Dwyer Get Your Wings
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A pilot of private jets sees the world while transporting the rich and famous.

Attention please, this is your captain speaking!

Finally, the Travel Tales Podcast gets its first pilot guest. Mike Dwyer began is piloting career over twenty years ago, shuttling tourists between Carribean islands before moving on to a major airline. In the wake of 9/11, he took his current position flying private jets to some of the most far-reaching places around the world.

Based in New York, Mike’s typical passengers are a cross-section of government officials (including several ex-presidents), celebrities, Wall Street tycoons, and just your plain, everyday rich folks.

Mike generously answers all the silly qustions we’ve always wanted to ask a pilot, such as:

“How much do you really sleep up in the cockpit? Can our cellphones on really screw up the radar system or is that B.S.? Who partied the hardest on your jet?” and “What airline would you never fly?”

All that and more. So buckle your seat belts and no smoking in the lavatories.

We’re flying the friendly skies of Travel Tales Airlines!

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