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October 1, 2013 Mehera Blum Travel By Design
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Multiple trips to Asia were enough to send an actress on an entirely new career path.

Raised in Myrtle Beach, SC, Mehera Blum took numerous trips to India as a child with her parents, followers of spiritual advisor Meher Baba. from the start, it was not your typical Southern upbringing.

The artistic life eventually led her to acting, but Asia was never far from her mind.

A trip to Bali inspired Mehera to design her own handbags. When folks back home took notice of her designs, Mehera’s hobby became a full-fledged business.

She opened factories in Bali, and later, India, with all the trials and tribulations one can expect. Running a business on the other side of the world is never easy, but Mehera’s label, Blumera, took off, and she has since branched off into other design business, Meradelima and Banglewallah.

In over 30 trips to Asia, Mehera has dodged tsunamis, survived a motorbike crash, and repelled unwanted advances from fellow bus passengers. Y’know- just a typical Tuesday overseas.

We were lucky to catch Mehera during her brief spell back in LA. To see more of her designs, click on the links below.

Thanks, Mehera!

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