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January 19, 2017 Mehera Blum India, Bali, and the search for Inspiration
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Inspiration can be found anywhere you look.

For designer Mehera Blum, that inspiration is most often found in SE Asia, where she travels extensively for new ideas and skilled craftsmen who can bring those ideas to life.

A return guest to the show, Mehera’s first episode focused mainly on her travels through India. This time, the bulk of her journey was through the exotic island of Bali, as well as India.

Not only was Mehera in Asia to design and manufacture her latest line of custom handbags and accessories, she brought videographers along for the ride, documenting her journey for a future TV project.

We were lucky Mehera could fit us in to her busy schedule. Good luck with the new line, Mehera, and see you in the fashion mags!


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