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March 20, 2014 Matt Harris Worldwide High
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A teenager’s life turned upside-down when his dad took a job halfway around the world.
Matt Harris didn’t have your typical American high school experience.

Sure, life was somewhat normal for the Texas-born, Illinois-raised teenager in the late 70’s. That was, until his oil executive father announced he was moving the family to Indonesia immediately.

So much for normalcy.

While John Hughes movies were capturing the U.S. high school experience of the ’80’s, Matt was spending his formative years in a boarding school located in a former brothel in Singapore.

When he wasn’t frequenting Singapore bars after high school, Matt and his pals would take short trips throughout Asia, sometimes smuggling drugs back through airport customs.

Now that’s a high school movie we want to see.

Matt has plenty of Tales about his unusual upbringing and how it’s shaped him into the person he is today. A father and successful TV writer/producer, Matt knows how to tell a good story. And we’re glad he cleared customs way back when. Not a lot of TV jobs in Singapore prisons.

Thanks, Matt!

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