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January 27, 2014 Mary Anne Been JetSet Extra
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Editor-in-Chief of a popular travel website shares her Tales of how she made seeing the world her daily business.

Mary Anne Been’s introduction to running a travel website began when her husband met another woman in Vegas.

It turned out the woman was not pitching Mary Anne’s TV producer husband her services for the evening, but an idea for a travel show. Instead of television, they took the idea straight to the internet, and JetSet Extra was born.

When the other woman left the company, Mary Anne took over as head honcho on the site. JetSet Extra combines videos, photos, and stories into a one-stop shop that relays first-hand experiences from travelers around the world.

Though she admits to not being a well-seasoned traveller before her website, Mary Anne has definitely made up for lost time.

She counts trips to Kenya, the Dominican Republic, and a recent train journey across Canada as some of the highlights.

Thanks for being a great guest, Mary Anne, and remember – next time do Canada in the summer!

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