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May 11, 2015 Lisa Ellen Niver We Said Go Travel
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Writer, teacher, blogger, scuba diver, and founder of the We Said Go Travel website Lisa Ellen Niver (as in diver) joins us to share her Travel Tales!

Lisa quickly realized after a year of medical school that the physician’s life was not for her. Her wanderlust had won out.

When she wasn’t traveling the world finding the best scuba spots, she was a middle-school teacher in her native Los Angeles.

Friends encouraged her to write about her travels in a blog, which eventually morphed into We Said Go Travel, which she describes as  a “Global Community of over 1400 writers with articles from every continent.”

Lisa shares her tips on where to find the world’s best diving, her favorite countries to visit, what insects taste like in Thailand, and more.

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! We’ll see you under the waves!

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