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Red Square , Moscow 2015
1995- with photographer Gary Matoso
2005 - with photographer David Hillegas
Lisa's mother in Moscow, 1976.
March 16, 2017 Lisa Dickey Bears In The Streets
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They say in life, timing is everything.

For author Lisa Dickey, her latest book on a changing Russia, Bears in the Streets, hits the shelves at a time when Russia couldn’t be more in the news.

Chronicling three separate journeys to Russia- in 1995, 2005, and 2015-  Lisa saw firsthand a country in transition.

From a nation reeling from the collapse of the Soviet Union, to a booming economy, to economic collapse and growing anti-American sentiment, Russia’s evolution has been swift and constant.

Lisa shares highlights from her trips and schools me on my preconceived notions of Russia. The title of her book refers to what many Russians think Americans’ idea of Russia is- that there are Bears in the Streets everywhere you turn.

A fascinating window to a place so many Westerners have opinions on, but know little about.

Thanks, Lisa! Can’t wait to read the book!



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