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August 5, 2013 Laurenne Sala Adventure Guide
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From childhood in suburban Chicago to leading travelers through the Amazon, this writer has come a long way, baby.

At an early age, Laurenne Sala knew she had to get away.

Childhood trips to Mexico and Greece planted the seed of obsession with worlds different from her own. As soon as she graduated high school in Addison, Illinois, she was off to USC and permanent residence in California.

From there, the writer/storyteller added more and more countries to her resume, culminating in 2009 with a year-long trip around the world.

Determined to take what she’s learned and pass it along to others, Laurenne was inspired to start her own adventure tour company, The World Less Traveled (link below), where she leads guests through every extreme: from remote locations in the Amazon jungle, to high end resorts of Colombia, and everything in between.

Laurenne sat down and shared many of her Travel Tales, and somehow we think her adventure is just beginning.

Oh, and did we mention she has her own live storytelling show and podcast, Taboo Tales, whose name is eerily similar to our own? We’ll let that slide this time, young lady.

Safe travels, Laurenne!

And watch out for those mosquitoes!

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