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October 15, 2013 Lauren DiMarco Lola's Travels
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The popular travel blogger gave up the 9-to-5 world for a life on the road – and never looked back.

Lauren DiMarco was a successful event planner who traveled extensively for work. She soon realized the traveling was her favorite part of her job.

It was then that a travel writer was born.

Lauren started Lola’s Travels, what she describes as a “Luxury Travel Adventures Blog.”

Staying in some of the finest hotels in the world’s most exotic locations is how Lauren/Lola spends her time nowadays.

We would be lying here at Travel Tales if we didn’t admit we were more than a little jealous.

We caught Lauren during her recent visit to L.A., before she headed back to her home base of Boston. It’s hard to pin down someone always in motion, but we made it happen.

Thanks, Lauren! See you on the road!

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