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October 28, 2013 LA Podcast Festival Travel Tales from Three Comedians
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Three comedians share their Travel Tales backstage between shows.

If anyone knows about being on the open road, it’s a touring comedian.

Sure, they all have Tales of hell gigs, hecklers, and crooked club owners. But many have traveling experiences outside of the business, and three talented funnymen sat down with Mike in the Squarespace Lab at the LA Podcast Festival earlier this month.

Steve Benaquist shares Tales of his time lving in Zimbabwe; Chris Mancini professes his love of rural England; and Matt Knudsen recounts his days avoiding pirates as a merchant marine sailing through Somalian waters.

Pull up a chair in the Lab and enjoy the backstage camaraderie!

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Steve Benaquist

Chris Mancini

Matt Knudsen

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