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October 13, 2014 Kathy Bianchi Keeping It Real Estate
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A small-town Illinois gal finds her fortune flipping property in London and Mexico.

A lot of people talk a big game about retiring early to live in an inexpensive country in the sun. Kathy Bianchi walked the walk.

The girl from tiny Granville, Illinois made her way to Chicago after college, then moved to London for her job as a corporate recruiter. After buying and selling a couple of London flats for a tidy profit, Kathy turned her attentions full-time to real estate.

Her timing couldn’t have been better. Riding the wave of the real estate boom, Kathy was flying high after nine years in London. But she kept looking for less expensive properties (and hoped to see the sun again), so she found herself buying beachfront land in Acapulco, Mexico.

Unfamiliar with Mexican business practices and with very little Spanish-language skills, Kathy nevertheless dove headfirst into her dream of building a boutique hotel.

Needless to say, her plans have altered a bit since those first naive days south of the border. Now fluent in Spanish and splitting her time between homes in Acapulco and Mexico City, Kathy was passing through LA and was nice enough to sit down for a chat to share her Travel Tales (in exchange for a spare bedroom of course!)

Listen to Kathy’s ups and downs about life in Mexico, and if you’re interested in buying or renting some sweet property, click her links below!

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