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December 2, 2013 Jonathan Taylor The World in Focus
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A Hollywood camera assistant combines work with pleasure to see the world.

Whether he’s shooting a surf documentary in Italy or a beauty pageant in Brazil, Jonathan Taylor knows how to make the most out of a job.

The California native and camera assistant has had some pretty enviable gigs over the years, and when he’s not pursuing his dream of being an international documentary filmmaker, he’s pursuing his other love – travel.

Jonathan got the travel bug as a teenager on a extreme Outward Bound adventure trip that lasted nearly three months and pushed him to his physical limits.

Surviving that challenge gave him the courage to strike out later on his own. He took trips through Europe and even crewed on a yacht in Asia for an insane Italian boat captain, among other (mis)adventures that are too many to name here.

But hey, that’s why you should listen to this episode and hear him tell the stories himself!

Thanks, Jonathan, and don’t forget to take off the lens cap!

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