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June 9, 2014 Jamie Kaler Shipping Out
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A stint in the U.S. Navy was the key that unlocked one man’s world.

“Join The Navy, See The World.”

That recruiting slogan was just the ticket for countless men and women back in the day to leave their provincial upbringings and enlist in the Navy. Why be a soldier stationed in one place when you could be on the seas, skipping from continent to continent, visiting exotic ports of call?

Sure all that sounds good until you’re at war in a submarine. But actor/comedian Jamie Kaler has great timing- both on- and off-stage.

The Navy was his ticket out of small town New Hampshire, and he just happened to enlist during the post-“Top Gun” late ’80’s, when the Cold War was thawing, the Soviet Union crumbling, and Desert Storm was a still a few years on the horizon.

Still, in just a few years on the ships, Jamie covered a lot of distance.

He crossed the oceans to Asia, the South Pacific, the Mediterranean, and points beyond. Along the way he acquired a new outlook on life that was far beyond New England.

And it looked pretty good.

So swab the decks, pull up a chair, and enjoy some Travel Tales from the high seas!

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