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April 28, 2015 James Fell Staying Fit on the Road
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Nothing like seeing shirtless holiday photos of yourself to motivate a traveler to hit the gym when he gets home.

James Fell decided to lose weight before proposing to his girlfriend, now wife. Thus started a lifetime of fitness and eventually a change in career.

James created the Body For Wife website and began posting fitness articles. His humorous and sometimes scathing critiques of trendy diets and fitness crazes struck a chord with readers, and soon the marketing exec was a fitness guru full-time.

His job requires travel, which often is not conducive to dieting. But James gives some tips on how to stay in shape on the road, and recounts his travels to run marathons on both coasts.

This episode was recorded in the airport of James’ hometown of Calgary, Alberta. How Canadian is he? He ran his first two marathons wearing a Rush shirt. Now that’s Canadian!

Thanks, James!

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