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May 27, 2014 Jahnavi Goldstein Veggie Tales
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A Hare Krishna daughter turned comedian/ lawyer sees the world from many angles.

Sometimes it’s all in a name.

The name Jahnavi Goldstein is not one you hear every day. Born to a Jewish father and Catholic mother who both converted to the Hare Krishna faith, “Jahnavi” is a Sanskrit term for the Ganges River in India.

Her parents towed her around the world on their spiritual paths before eventually settling in small-town Oregon. But the only facet of Krishna life young Jahnavi stuck with was her lifelong vegetarianism. She rebelled in her own way- by becoming a conservative corporate lawyer. Soon, she would add professional comedian to her resume.

The traveling seed had already been planted, however, and Jahnavi has criss-crossed the globe, widening her eyes and her perspective.

Jahnavi lived for a time in Australia and England, and has her sights set on many more locales. She knows that no matter where the road takes her, there’s always a hot veggie meal at a Krishna Temple nearby!

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