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June 12, 2015 Jahnavi Goldstein Travel Fever
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Lawyer and former comedian Jahnavi Goldstein returns to the studio with a whopper of a Travel Tale.

During a recent trip to Bali, Jahnavi contacted Dengue Fever and was hospitalized for over a week.

Needless to say, her planned tour throughout SE Asia was immediately canceled and she flew back to the US to recover.

While Jahnavi is back to full health, she is now more at-risk of dying if she were to ever contract Dengue again- thereby taking regions where the disease is common off her map for the future. Bummer.

Nevertheless, it still leaves a lot of world left to discover, and in this episode JahnaviĀ recountsĀ her 3-month trip through Europe that preceded the Bali mishap, and her newfound love of Nashville.

Thanks Jahnavi, and remember to wear that repellent!


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