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February 3, 2014 Eric Rosen On Point
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Managing editor of the popular website “The Points Guy” shares tips on maximizing rewards, as well as Tales of his life as a travel writer.

If you think traveling around the world is good, do you know what’s better? Traveling for free.

As managing editor of The Points Guy website and writer for numerous publications, Eric Rosen is an expert in helping people utilize airline and hotel rewards programs to achieve their ultimate goal – traveling on someone else’s dime.

Whether it’s choosing the right credit card promotions or getting the most out of the rewards points they already have, Eric helps wannabe travelers navigate through the dizzying array of options in the marketplace.

When he’s not showing others how to use their rewards points, Eric can usually be found taking his own advice and jetting to some remote corner of the globe.

And you better believe he’s usually in first-class.

Thanks for enlightening us, Eric!

Now can you sneak a few of those warm cookies to us back here in coach?

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