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May 10, 2013 Darin Dusan Renaissance Man
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The film producer has held a wide array of jobs in nearly every corner of the world. And his ride is far from over.

Is Darin Dusan’s life story more interesting than yours? Probably.

Darin has lived many lives since leaving small-town Iowa some 20 years ago. After relocating to San Francisco, he lived and worked in Bali for two years while dating a princess.

Later, when an attempt at owning a cafe back in Iowa City proved unfulfilling, he landed a job in LA with Disney Studios’ film department. Somehow that led to five years in sub-Saharan Africa working for the Pediatric Aids Foundation, and finally to his current profession as an independent film producer working hand-in-hand with European governments.

Darin was kind enough to sit down and share his Travel Tales of a life that so far, appears rather well-lived. And he’s a nice guy to boot. Oh, and he can also chat in Indonesian if you’d like to go that route.

Thanks for the time and the Tales, Darin!

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