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June 20, 2012 Chris Fairbanks Have Funny, Will Travel
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A love of sports and a good sense of humor sent comedian,TV host, and former professional skateboarder Chris Fairbanks a long way from his Montana home.

Chris Fairbanks was just your average kid growing up in Montana. Scratch that- he was different from most every other kid in Montana.

While many of his friends dreamed of horses or hunting, Chris dyed his hair blond and dreamed of skateboarding and surfing along the beaches of California. After a pit stop in Austin, TX, where he caught the comedy bug, Chris finally made his way to LA and has been there ever since.

Chris is an accomplished stand-up who tours constantly throughout the U.S. and Canada, and has taken surf trips along the way to Costa Rica, Hawaii, and beyond- for pleasure and as an extreme sports correspondent for Fuel TV.

Just don’t ask him to go to Florida again.

To find out more about where Chris and where he’s playing next, click on this homepage link below.

Thanks, Chris!

Keep it extreme, Buddy.

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