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April 28, 2014 Charmaine Degrate Flipping the Script
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A budding Hollywood writer fills her life’s screenplay with travel.

Oh, to be young, talented, beautiful, and well-traveled!

In just a short time, Texas native Charmaine Degrate has already received accolades in the cutthroat business of screenwriting. Her first script drew on her family’s Creole background in New Orleans and beyond, but her life’s script reaches to far corners of the world.

A semester of high school spent in Madrid was an eye-opener for young Charmaine. There was a bigger world out there, and she was determined to see it all.

Charmaine stops by to share Travel Tales of Europe and Central America, her tense encounters with the locals in Morocco, living in Costa Rica, and much more.

With more scripts on the way and more travel planned, the future is looking bright for Charmaine. Let’s hope she remembers her favorite travel host when casting her next film!

Thanks, Charmaine!

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