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May 19, 2016 Amber Tozer Taking the Not-High Road
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Some people take the straight and narrow path, others give themselves a wide berth and are free to wander. Amber Tozer took the second path.

The Comedian/Author was ready to ditch her small-town Colorado roots right out of college, and moved to New York City after only one visit. Her bold streak eventually led her to the comedy stage.

During her New York years, Amber indulged her yearning for travel whenever she could, escaping to Europe and elsewhere whenever possible.

She even had a brief gig on The Amazing Race in Mauritius, as host Phil Keoghan’s assistant.

Her next stop was Los Angeles, where Amber began to explore her fascination with Southeast Asia, taking trips to Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond. She also developed a huge following on Twitter.

For too many years, Amber’s passion for travel and adventure was matched only by her passion for booze and various other stimulants.

Now sober, Amber has written a book, Sober Stick Figure, recounting with humor her journey to sobriety.

It was great to see Amber and hear her Tales. Give it a listen, then buy her book!

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