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November 1, 2012 My Travel Tips Guest Article by Ashley Colburn

The well-traveled TV host / producer shares her knowledge of the best way to navigate foreign lands.

Airline Selection

Often times when people are booking flights, they immediately search to find the cheapest.

While budget travel is in every travelers interest, be sure to always check for the little things.

In Europe there are many small, wallet friendly airlines such as RyanAir, Vueling, EasyJet and others that may have the cheapest flights, but if you are traveling with lots of luggage-brace yourself for the luggage fees. These smaller commuter planes usually only allow a maximum of 15 Kg, so be careful.

Also, airlines will advertise an extremely cheap rate, but as soon as the taxes are added, your budget trip turns into a search for a second job. I have really only had one nightmare experience while flying around the world. That was in Prague…

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